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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo Franchise Sthil Students SCIENTOLOGY I to IV


The Itsa processes for O/W are almost unlimited.

There is, however, the distinct must not at Level I, as at upper Levels, don’t run a process that makes the pc feel accused.

A pc will feel accused if he is run above his or her level. And remember that temporary sags in level can occur such as during ARC Breaks with the auditor or life.

A process can be accusative because it is worded too strongly. It can be accusative to the pc because the pc feels guilty or defensive anyway.

At Level I proper O/W processes can take up the troubles that are described as peculiar to some pcs without getting too personal about it.

Here are some varied Level I Processes:

There are many more.

These at Level II all convert to repetitive processes.

At Level III such processes convert to lists.

At Level IV such processes convert to how they weren’t overts or weren’t really done or justifications of one kind or another.

Care should be taken not to heavily run an out-of-ARC type process. This is the command which asks for out-of-Affinity moments, out-of-Reality moments and out of-Communication incidents.

All after charge is based on prior ARC. Therefore for a withhold to exist there must have been communication earlier. ARC incidents are basic on all chains. Out of ARC are later on the chain. One has to get a basic to blow a chain. Otherwise one gets recurring answers. (Pc brings up same incident over and over as you don’t have the basic on the chain.)

You can alternate an ARC command with an out-of-ARC command. “What have you done?” (means one had to reach for and contact) can be alternated with “What haven’t you done?” (means not reached for and not contacted).

But if one runs the out-of-ARC (not reached for and not contacted) process only the pc will soon bog.

On the other hand an ARC process runs on and on with no bad side effects, i.e. “What have you done?”

“What bad thing have you done?” is a mixture of ARC and out-of-ARC. Done reached and contacted. Bad wished one hadn’t.

So solely accusative commands upset the pc not because of social status or insult but because a pc, particularly at lower levels of case, wishes so hard he hadn’t done it that a real bad done is really a withhold and the pc not only withholds it from the auditor but himself as well.