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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Re-Revised 25 May 1980
This issue is re-revised to up-date reference HCOBs for False TA
Remimeo All Auditors All Interne Supervisors All C/Ses Urgent – Important CS Series 99RB


Through verbal tech just located, it has been found that some auditors have been ordered to disregard all F/Ns that were above 3.0 or below 2.0 on the meter.

Auditors have also called F/Ns which were ARC break needles, thus falsely indicating to the pc.

These two actions – disregarding actual F/Ns because the TA was not between 2.0 and 3.0 and calling "F/Ns" that were actually ARC break needles – have upset many preclears.

The outnesses here are: A. not considering pc indicators as senior and B. not noting pc indicators when calling an F/N and C. ignoring and giving junior importance to the technology covered in false TAs. (See list of references at end of this HCOB or the Subject Index of the HCOB Volumes.)

Auditors have even been led to falsify worksheets (giving TA as in range when it actually was not when calling an F/N) because they might "get in trouble" for calling an F/N in the wrong range, such as 1.8 or 3.2.

The correct procedure for out of range F/Ns is:

1. Look at the pc's indicators.

2. Call the F/N regardless of its range.

3. Mark down the actual TA position.

4. Handle the false TA at the earliest opportunity when it will not intrude into the current cycle on which the pc is being audited. (You don't interrupt a Quad R3RA, for instance, to handle false TA; you complete it and then, when directed by the C/S, you handle the false TA.)

5. On any pc you suspect has had his F/Ns disregarded because of false TA, you C/S for and get run a repair and rehab of this error.

E-Meter cans can monitor or change TA position when the palms are too dry or too wet or when the cans are too big or too small or when the wrong hand cream is used. The E-Meter does not read on hand moisture alone as was long believed by people in electronics. But TA depends upon resistance to electrical current in the palms, leads, and meter as well as its main resistance which happens to be mental masses or lack of them.

To simply tell some interne "Always disregard an F/N not in correct range" is to set him up for loses and set the pc up for crashes. The correct information is that an F/N which isn't in range is accompanied by pc indicators that indicate whether it is an F/N or not. And indicates you better get the false TA handled fast as soon as it won't interrupt the current cycle. And you always note where it F/Ned so the C/S can C/S for false TA handling.

Where an ARC break needle (which looks like an F/N) is observed, whether it is in range or out of range (2.0 to 3.0 or below 2.0 or above 3.0) you look at the pc and establish the pc's indicators before falsely calling an F/N. A pc who is about to cry is not an F/Ning pc and if you indicate an F/N to that pc you will further the ARC break and suppress the emotional charge that is about to come off.


Where the above matters have not been fully understood and errors have occurred on pcs, it must be assumed that:

1. Auditors have falsified their worksheets as to TA position and thus built up withholds and made themselves blowy.

2. That every pc who has ever had high or low TA trouble has had F/Ns disregarded and ARC break F/Ns falsely indicated.

3. That a briefing and drilling of all internes and auditors must occur on this HCOB.

4. That a brief program of clean-up of disregarded F/Ns and falsely called ARC break F/Ns be done on every pc.

5. That every such pc be considered as having false TA troubles and these must be C/Sed for and corrected.

6. That all auditors and internes be drilled on all HCOBs relating to pc indicators.


Disregard TA position, use only F/Ns and pc indicators in doing this C/S.

1. It has been found that some of your F/Ns (release points) may have been disregarded by past or present auditors.

2. Have you ever felt an F/N (release point or end of an action) had been bypassed on your case?...

3. Find and rehab the... overrun of the release point to F/N. Check for any other bypassed F/Ns and rehab them.

4. Have you ever felt an F/N should not have been indicated by the auditor when it was?...

5. Find the... point and get in Suppress on it and complete the action. Check "Are there any other F/Ns which should not have been indicated by the auditor when they were?" and handle as above.

6. Find and run the ARC breaks bypassed, with ARC break handling.

7. Find and handle the false TA in totality.


An F/N seen by the auditor in running R3RA is not called until the full Dianetic EP is reached.

An auditor running R3RA is NOT looking for F/Ns. He is looking for the postulate which is sitting at the bottom of the chain he is running.

The EP of a Dianetic chain is always always always the postulate coming off.

The postulate is what holds the chain in its place. Release the postulate and the chain blows. That's it.

The auditor must recognize the postulate when the pc gives it, note the VGIs, call the F/N and end off auditing that chain.

An F/N seen as the incident is erasing is not called.

The pc does not have to state that the incident has erased. Once he has given up the postulate, the erasure has occurred. The auditor will see an F/N and VGIs. NOW the F/N is called. F/Ns are not indicated until the EP of postulate off, F/N and VGIs is reached.

It's the postulate – not the F/N that we are going for in New Era Dianetics.


F/Ns are disregarded in Power.

Each Power Process has its own end phenomena and is ended only when that is obtained.