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Over the years we have had a great deal of experience with”Technical Queries”.

Many new trainee Auditors have come to Flag. A certain percentage of these were very happy to be there because now their”technical queries” could be”answered”. And so my lines would carry their queries and of course an investigation would ensue to find why an org Class IV or VII would have technical queries.

It was found in all cases that the person with the technical query had misunderstood words or had never read the materials or listened to the required tapes.

The misunderstood words were things like ”Scientology”, ”Auditor”, ”HCO”, ”tone arm” – things the person was encountering continually in his work.

Every one of these ”technical queries” was already fully covered in the materials but the person had never bothered to clean up his Mis-Us or, occasionally, read the basic materials avail­able to him.

It was further found that it was absolutely fatal to try to answer these queries or explain them. The explanation given would just dive in under the misunderstood words or absence of study and the person would just have more bewildered queries.

So it became the very firm rule on my lines that when technical queries were received the person was at once metered properly to locate the Mis-U words and get them defined or the false report that he or she had studied the materials at all.

When”technical queries” were handled this way and only when they are handled this way, the result was F/N VVVVVGIs. Any explanation brought only BIs.

So the rule is very, very firm.

Always answer a technical query by referral to materials and a cramming order to find the mis-u words.

The Auditor who is not handled this way will go on failing.

Further, verbal tech explanations or letters which explain things enter a false data line into the scene and drives tech further out. Such actions create a squirrel scene. So:

Never explain verbally or on paper in answering a technical query. Only refer to materials and issue cramming orders to find the Mis-Us or the unstudied materials.

Probably the reason why Flag trained Auditors and Auditors who have been working on my C/S lines produce such phenomenal results is that the above two rules are fully enforced wher­ever I am working.

And it is true – the best Auditors in the world have been made by applying these rules.

And now that you have the Tech Dictionary it is especially easy.

So don’t do an Auditor or Student in by explaining the answers to technical queries. Apply these rules and make them come through on the original materials.

To do anything else is a severe disservice.

These are the basic rules of keeping tech in.