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АНГЛИЙСКИЕ ДОКИ ЗА ЭТУ ДАТУ- Supreme Test - B670819 | Сравнить

РУССКИЕ ДОКИ ЗА ЭТУ ДАТУ- Лучший Тест - Б670819 | Сравнить
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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Level IV and up
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The supreme test of a thetan is his ability to make things go right.

This of course is a rather savage and brutal datum for it thrusts aside all justification, reasonableness, excuses and even does not take into account the size or obstacles of the opposition.

But please note that the datum is not “are things all right around him” as this is a passive test and could mean only that he was simply sitting still.

Whether things are currently all right or not is beside the point. The thetan who is making things go right may be tackling a mountain of confusion and of course things are not all right because what he is attacking is mainly wrong. It is whether or not he is making things go right in spite of “hell or high water” that is the test.

Many beings live lives of quiet correctness without ever once making anything do anything. Things around them just happen to be orderly. The social system props them up. But someday – bang – the society gets into a turmoil which knocks out the props. then we see that there were too few present who could make things go right and that is the end of the society. Thus died all old civilizations. Their people lived in a system correctness and things went right only so long as nothing was going wrong. Then one day things go wrong. These sophisticated but weak beings never were able to MAKE things go right and so the whole society collapses.

One might also ask, “What is meant by right?”

This would be forwarding a purpose not destructive to the majority of the dynamics.

Aberration is by definition “a crooked line”. It is from the Latin aberratio, “a wandering from” and from the Latin errare, to wander or to err.

A sane person thinks, looks and sees in straight lines. Black is black, white is white. The aberrated person looks toward black and wanders off in his gaze to something else and makes the error of saying it is “grey”.

You can consider aberration in a passive way (supinely, of no force or action). A person is sane or not sane. He thinks straight or crookedly.

Now consider aberration in a forceful way. A person looks, then an opposing force to him pushes aside his gaze or distracts it. But the really sane, forceful person looks right on through and past the opposition and sees what is there anyway.

Let us take real action. Mr. Q rolls a ball from A toward B. En route Opposition X pushes the ball aside toward C. Mr. Q then shoves the ball toward C and says the reason he did not arrive properly at B was because…

Mr. S rolls a ball from A toward B. Opposition X diverts the ball toward C. Mr. S pulls the ball back into line and despite, over and through Opposition X arrives at B anyway.

You can see that Mr. Q in the first example is willing to be aberrated or pushed aside or at least does not contest it enough. Mr. Q is aberrated.

Mr. S on the other hand was not willing to be diverted and went right on to B. Mr. S is not aberrated.

Now society, being mainly suppressive, observes that Mr. Q never has much commotion around him. True, he never arrives and gets nothing done, but he isn’t noisy so he is “okay”.

Mr. S on the other hand makes an awful row and bashes Opposition X on the head and snarls his way onward toward B. Society says he is a bad fellow because he has fusses. Of course he also gets something done. But in a decadent society men are measured by how pleasant they are, not how effective they are, so Mr. S is regarded as a bit “mad”. YET when trouble comes it is only the Mr. Ss who will save the day while the Mr. Qs all give up and die.

There is another point here, however. That is purpose. The difference between one thetan’s forward thrust and another’s is purpose, validity of.

A madman can also go from A toward B relentlessly where B is a totally undesirable and destructive point. But in actual practice, real madmen never really arrive at the B they wanted to arrive at. A madman only goes toward but never really arrives. So he only makes everything go wrong.

B must be a desirable point not destructive to a majority of the dynamics for rightness to occur.

So there is the savage and bare datum:

The supreme test of a thetan is the ability to make things go right.

People who explain how wrong it is all going and who have reasons why and who AREN’T PUTTING IT RIGHT are the real crazy people in the universe. The only ones crazier than they are are the ones who are quite happy to have everything fail and go wrong with no protest from them. And the only ones even worse are those who work endlessly to make things go wrong and prevent anything from going right and oppose all efforts instinctively.

Fortunately there are a few around who do make things go right in spite of everything and anyone.